Sales of hermes leather handbags in the second quarter

Hermes Group, a platinum and silk scarf as the iconic product of the quarter revenue growth of 6.2% recorded 1.25 billion euros, according to real-time exchange rate was 13.9 billion US dollars, up 8.1% over the same period last year, exceeding analyst expectations, Hermes Group The growth rate in the first quarter was 6.1%. Exchange rate fluctuations affect the first half of this year’s Hermes revenue, the amount of loss of 25 million euros.

Despite the impact of the terrorist attacks on the flow of tourists in France, but Hermes Group in the second quarter sales growth is still as high as 8.9%, while the US and Japanese markets recorded strong growth, growth rates were 12.1% and 7.3%. The growth rate in Europe excluding France is 6.7% higher than that in Asia-Pacific excluding Japan.

According to the Hermes Group’s second-quarter results, leather goods and harness supplies sales are still leading, an increase of 15.2%. Hermes Group in the first half of the significant growth in quality, its products, including the best-selling platinum package and Kelly bag, as well as Constance, Halzan and Lindy and so outstanding. The growing category also includes watches and perfumes, including the Group’s new Terre d’Hermes fragrances and family cologne popular, in the second quarter the group’s fragrance sales increased by 11%.

However, the Hermes Group’s clothing and jewelry series in the second quarter sales fell 3.9%, its silk and textile products are not optimistic about the decline of 6.5% this quarter, other products, including jewelry home also fell 3%.

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