Do all handmade goods come with good quality?

Usually tanning leather tanning time is longer, and to retain the grease in the sebum, so theoretically the price of vegetable tanned leather is actually relatively high, but in fact many known as the Italian leather tanning leather, in fact, from the country. (“Made in Italy,” the word is often used to explain leather handmade leather goods, are interested in their own understanding).

Vegetable tannage itself is easy to dirty, and there is no way to avoid. If used properly, after a certain period of time, ordinary stains and grease will be fused together, so that the original dust stains look less obvious, this is the players commonly known as the “cattle”.

This requires the buyer to know in advance, not all buyers can accept this change. And, like jeans, not all of the tanning leather are suitable for cattle, some cheap leather really can only leave dirty traces, if you take the “cattle” to explain the dirty wallet, Are excuses.

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