Love given by hermes scarf

When it comes to love, Hermes HERMES sign scarf can be said to capture a heart of a great weapon, whether square or scarf, silk material or blended Kashmir fabric, let lovers feel warmth. And in 1956 by Hugo Grygkar design Brides de Gala pattern square, this year is full of sweet atmosphere, blue, orange love full of square towel, even the packaging are specially orange heart-shaped box with, passing love from the body Thought to the other half.

Another Dimitri Rybaltchenko designed HERMES electrique pattern printing twill silk scarf, the brand name into the French printed on the scarf, like a neon-like color, full of joyful atmosphere of Christmas, Grand Manege fleuri pattern printed Maxi -Twilly Cut will Maxi-Twilly length of 60 cm in length, into 20×160 cm, more neat style.

HERMES second-generation Apple Watch Hermes series watch the second bomb also arrived in Taiwan to sell, from the brand jewelry and footwear sector Artistic Director Pierre Hardy designed Swift and Epsom calfskin double buckle strap design, seems to watch double Sleeve love, but also to shape more change.

At the same time, by the brand chain system to create Chaine Jaseron fine refining of the Gambade series, double ring and long necklace with diamond, saddle, H Diamant and Maillons d’Arpenteur, also like buckle love, full of romantic reverie.

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