The Queen of Thailand has visited Hermes head office

How can I forget the high-profile minister, or it should be said that the couple, after buying a few pieces of merchandise, borrowed a beautiful dress, the date of return is still in the foreseeable future, and that the couple They were also surprised by the fact that “no one recognized them”.

In fact, we have already recognized them, but why the big deal? People often recognize the world’s princes in the world, but they are so low-key that we pretend not to pay too much attention to them. Often, they appreciate it.

News of the queen ‘s arrival in Thailand has been announced. Tuesday, around 18 o’clock. I received the notice in advance. I look forward to the scene. The whole store is busy preparing. We have prepared two armchairs, placed in a secluded corner of the second floor, were left to her and me, so that Queen His Majesty can safely choose the goods.

Tuesday, 18:30, no one appeared at 19 o’clock, still no trace. We have to fall curtain. Exit the clerk home from get off work, but for the sake of security, we decided to leave four or five people. It’s already 19:01. At this point, the whistle sounded long, the team fleeing, we will re-start the curtain and light up all the lighting. Queen out of a bulletproof car, black lengthened models, as in the 1930s movie luxury concierge! Behind her, there are more than 100 followers.

A doctor with a small medical box, the Thai ambassador, accompanied by the companions and a whole team responsible for the alert. We boarded the second floor, queen Enron seated, no one noticed that the number of staff is so few! Only three or four of the power, we presented on the porcelain plate, square towels, scarf scarves, handbags, and jewelry, queen All without exception.

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