Luxury in the aristocracy

The 19th century, in Paris, France, most of the residents are horses. In 1837, Thierry Hermes (Thierry Hermes) will be opened the first special shop with a harness. His harness workshop for the production of a variety of exquisite accessories, in the city of Paris at that time the most beautiful wagon, you can see Hermes horse trace. Hermes craftsmen like artists, as each of the products carved, leaving many handed down in the world trade in 1867, Hermes will be with superb technology, won an honorary award.

But with the Renault car officially came out, senior harness market demand gradually shrinking. Hermes timely conversion, began to produce a number of varieties in the direction of development. Hermes in the third generation of the head of the efforts of Emile Maurice Hermès, Hermes into the European countries of the palace, a Queen of treasures.

In 1938 in the Hermes centennial, Emile Hermès collection of Red? Dole’s painting “horse carriage and horse boy”, for Hermes trademark design inspiration, and then interpreted as today’s Hermes brand Logo.

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