New preview on hermes spring and summer styles in 2017

Everything is complicated, there are intentions. Ni color was born in the primary colors, in the basic unit of the extension of the indescribable infinite fun. At the beginning of the year, the French traditional handicraft brand Hermes in Shanghai Hermes home gorgeous presents 2017 spring and summer new preview, uphold the “object” of the theme of the annual theme, with a pixel device to restore the macro micro unit, the essence of rich Hermes art and cultural coordinates, open an unknown journey. Exquisite details of the deal with the charm of the source for the dissipation of the new spring and summer of the unique Yanguang, lead the audience to experience a breakthrough after the bold ideas and technology practice.

Shanghai Hermes House is compatible with classical and modern, past and future artistic spirit, this will be a symbol of the future of science and technology of the pixel unit with simple and clear red, yellow, blue three primary colors to create interesting micro-field, Be magnified analysis of the Hermes world, will be hidden among the precious for the perfect presentation. Three primary colors and pure white basic coding is applied to the mix of different materials, to create a rich space concept, beyond the visual sensory limitations, express the 2017 spring and summer of new colors, elegant texture and rich level. Visitors in the atmosphere in pursuit of Shu Yi seek to explore new and beyond imagination Hermes world.

Into the Shanghai Hermes House fourth floor of the open area, warm colors and elegant quality as the spring Xu warm wind, in the winter to show the corner of the difficult spring and summer time. Hermes consistent in the continuation of the stringent standards, each product is unique ingenious, or to restrain the different state of waiting to be excavated. The new works are to invite the light of the state of joy to meet every guest, transfer and record the Hermes process inheritance and development.

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