Hermes Home in Shanghai for 2017

From the high-end luxury brand Hermes Hermes Shanghai gorgeous home presented in 2017 spring and summer new preview. Exquisite details of the deal with the charm of the originality of the new spring and summer for the unique Yanguang, bold ideas and process practice so that the audience experience the infinite charm of its breakthrough conventional.

Hermes House in Shanghai on the fourth floor of the open area, warm colors and elegant quality as the spring Xu warm wind, in the winter to show the corner of the difficult spring and summer time. Hermes consistent in the continuation of the stringent standards, each product is unique ingenious, or to restrain the different state of waiting to be excavated. The new works are to invite the light of the state of joy to meet every guest, transfer and record the Hermes process inheritance and development.

This VERROU CHA√éNE mini-backpack, elegant luxury highlights the delicate charm of women, as clothing and eye-catching in the eye-catching close friend of the best companion to the classic and innovative eye-catching gesture offer summer. In the new world of men, Ming-yan bright yellow block and the three-dimensional cascading seemingly random free and easy, showing the designer’s stunning as well as highlighting the details of tie-dye process.

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